You Know These Children. They Need Your Help.

In the blog post here I wrote about a judge that rendered two different rulings in two different cases that had essentially the same evidence and pleading presented.

Tarrant County is now on the brink of something unimaginable even for those who know the system is corrupt:

  • Two opposite rulings are going to be made given the EXACT SAME evidence.

The Tarrant County Family Court system is about to protect 2 kids from one household AND SIMULTANEOUSLY place 2 other kids into that same household.

The judge who is going to place the 2 kids into that household is Lori DeAngelis.  She is an Associate Judge who is running for election in the Republican Primary for the 325th District Court.

Here is how two roads converged into one household…

  • Greg and Maryann get married, have 3 kids, and get divorced.
    • Greg gets primary custody when Maryann attempts murder/suicide of her 2nd husband, commits felony assault of a cop, and is involuntarily committed to JPS Psych ward.  The Tarrant County DA rules that she is not mentally culpable for her actions.
    • In the 10 years following this incident Maryann is involuntarily committed to JPS again for being homicidal and hallucinating, commits 4 years of income tax fraud, commits food stamp fraud, racks up an impressive criminal history, battles alcohol abuse and addiction to Adderall and abuse of Xanax, blacks out numerous times, and is suicidal on numerous occasions.
    • Greg and Maryann’s oldest child is now in college, which is how the predicted ruling will only impact 2 of their kids.
  • Martin and Caroline get married, have 2 kids, and get divorced.
    • Caroline gets primary custody.
  • Martin and Maryann meet at work and eventually get married.
  • Now you are caught up to July, 2020…
    • In Martin and Maryann’s first year of marriage…
      • (October) They get ticketed for domestic violence against each other,
      • (January) Maryann places a plastic bag over her head in a depressive episode.  During this time, Greg kept the kids with him until Maryann got help – which she did within days of the incident.
      • (July, 2021) Martin is found unresponsive and turning blue by Caroline when she takes their kids over to his house for his parenting time.  Martin is revived by paramedics allegedly with Narcan – a drug that only works to counteract an opioid overdose.

Caroline files a legal motion with the Tarrant County Family Courts.

When Greg finds out about the alleged overdose he contacts Maryann.  Greg refuses to resort to legal action because he believes the Family Court system is wholly corrupt.  Additionally, Greg believes the system is based on a fundamental lie that lawyers can act in the best interest of someone who isn’t a client. 

So Greg’s approach is to try figure out how to keep the children safe while making sure Martin and Maryann get help.  Greg also reaches out to Caroline but doesn’t get a response.

Maryann’s responses to Greg are as follows:

“If you want to return to court I will contact Charla and we will meet you there.”

“I spoke with my dad and with my attorney.  Should you decide to pursue legal action against me, where should I have you served?”

“…you’ll have a hard time justifying denying access.”

“What happens when the kids are not with me is none of your business.”

“you’re basing your assertions on something that a 15 year old child said to a 14 year old child, who in turn, said it to a 16 year old child and a 19 year old.”

“you’ve reached out to a woman who is engaged to an unemployed drug addiction [sic] and alcoholic. They are less concerned for anyone’s best interest than they are for increasing child support. You see, the drug addict needs money to support his habit and since won’t [sic] get a job and the desperate and hysterical woman has given him all her money, they have to get it somewhere.” … “Before that, she dated an abuser.”

“I need the address of the Horsebend build site so I can have you served.” … “I’m ready to go to court.”

Let me end with a question, “Why would someone with Maryann’s history combined with the seriousness of a potential opioid overdose believe that Family Court, specifically Judith Wells and Lori DeAngelis of the 325th court, is her best option?”

The following audio clips from years gone by provide some insight…

And when I told her I was going to put the above evidence in front of the court, she replied…

And this one gives a real clear indication of her intent…

Greg and Maryann’s children need your help.

Caroline and Martin’s children need your help.

The divorce lawyers, judges, and therapists are hoping that you won’t care.

I’m hoping that you will.

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  1. I have recordings from my hearings. DeAngelis is a crook and placed my children with their biological egg donor that was nonexistent for 8/10 years and has been charged with 17 felony cases (convicted of 12). DeAngelis is straight trash and the cause for this world being considered hell. She is not conservative and damn sure has no conscience.

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