Free Speech

I am a custodial parent in Tarrant County, Texas.  My case is in the 325th Court.

Let Me Be Clear: I Am NOT The Court. 

I am simply someone who believes in free speech.

I have a Facebook page at and there is a Facebook group run by a Fort Worth History Buff (Larry O’Neal) called Fort worth memories political Group where I am taking these issues directly to lawyers and judges in Tarrant County.

I invite you to be a fly on the wall to make up your own mind on matters that DIRECTLY impact children in our community.

Lawyers have warned me if I speak out against the system my custody situation could change.  Friends have offered advice that I should remain silent because I have too much to lose if I write about the behavior of lawyers, judges, and therapists.

In case you skipped over the first sentence, let me rephrase it: I have custody.  The courts and lawyers can’t dismiss me as a sore loser.

Almost everyone I talk to agrees with the notion that Family Courts MUST be changed.  I realized that I am in a unique position to bring attention to this fact because by the standards of the system I “won.”

Sure, well-connected lawyers representing my ex-wife were able to obtain token rulings along the way, but at the end of the journey I still beat them.

Unfortunately, everyone thinks I’m talking about politics or that I want you to get involved in my “custody dispute.”  I always tell people I don’t want you on my side because if you think there is only the dad’s side or the mom’s side in a custody dispute then you’re missing the most important side of all: The Children’s Side.

I publish this site FOR my children… at least for their FUTURE.

Unless something is done, the system that we have will still exist when my kids are older, married, and have kids of their own.

This site is dedicated to all United States military personnel: past and present.  All of them put their life on the line… and some of them gave their life… protecting our right to free speech.

But do we really have freedom of speech if we are afraid to use it because of what we have to lose?

Think about it — Today, as you are reading this sentence, a young man or woman is fighting to protect my right to write it.

It would be the greatest disservice, to the future of my children and to the men and women who fight for our freedom, for me to cower in fear of what lawyer and judges could do to seek retribution.

And so I write…

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by, nor acting on behalf of, the 325th District Court in Tarrant County.  I don’t work for them and in no way, shape, or form should this site be construed as operating as a division or on behalf of them just because the url is

I am here to promote matters of public concern.  I am here to shed light on the actions of certain lawyers, judges, and therapists in the hope that the future children of Texas never have to experience what my kids went through.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: It was the lawyers, judges, and therapists who encouraged my ex-wife and her father to fight.  He was a millionaire and, in my opinion, he is severely personality disordered.  I believe he severely abused my ex-wife from the time she was 5-years old and she couldn’t stand up to him to do what was right for the children.

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