Free Speech

We are a public advocacy group in Tarrant County, Texas.  As such, we believe the courts belong to the public and we had the foresight to acquire all domain names related to the Family Courts in Tarrant County.

Let Us Be Clear: We Are NOT The Court. 

We are the people.

This site is dedicated to all United States military personnel: past and present.  All of them put their life on the line… and some of them gave their life… protecting our right to free speech.

But do we really have freedom of speech if we are afraid to use it?

If judges can use their power to render rulings that are nothing more than retribution for speaking out then are they any better than the Taliban?

If lawyers can use their comparatively vast legal and financial resources  to sue us out of existence when that free speech threatens to expose their behavior and shut down their ill-gotten gains then are they anything more than overpaid bullies?

Think about it — Today, as you are reading this sentence, a young man or woman is fighting to protect our right to write it.  It would be the greatest disservice for us to cower in fear of what the divorce industry could do to seek retribution.

And so we write…

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