All pictures used on this site were obtained from public websites — mostly 3rd party such as Avvo, public review sites, etc.  Many people share the same name so in the off chance we have your photo next to a write-up that describes things you never did, please let us know and we’ll correct it.
If, however, you just don’t like your picture associated with what you did (because what you did was horrific)… well, tough.  You did it.  We’re just giving you credit.
If you send us an email or letter or fax or etc, it becomes our property.  We reserve the sole right to keep it confidential, anonymous, or to publish it in any manner we deem fit — regardless of any privacy statement you might include in the correspondence.
This statement is a warning to those people associated with the Family Court (lawyers, judges, therapists, etc).  We’d love for one of them (or their lawyer) to send us an email threatening to shut us down and including a disclaimer that we can’t publish it… because we will.  Like we said, whatever you send to us via any method (email, fax, letter, etc) becomes our property to do with as we please.  You give up all rights to it.  Even if you claim otherwise.  Simply sending it to us constitutes your agreement that you are giving it to us to do with as we please.
If you’re an individual who has been chewed up by the system and you send us an email requesting anonymity we will grant that request.  Trust us, we have firsthand experience with the corruption of the Tarrant County Divorce Industry and the consequences that can occur if you speak out against it.
But… as we said on the another page… American men and women (sons and daughters, fathers and mothers) are risking their lives to protect our right to uncover facts, express our opinion, and change the system.