As you might imagine, a lot of people have commented on these posts with details of their situation.  The comments include names of litigants, names of lawyers, cause numbers, and more.

The information in the comments we receive is invaluable to shed light on the individual injustices that occur daily in the Tarrant County Family Courts.

Our goal, however, is to address matters of public concern.  In order for us to do that, we must take the details and create a blog that addresses the overarching concern.

A great example of how details can lead to an issue of public concern is what happened in the 325th from July, 2017 to November, 2017.  During this time the Associate Judge of the 325th, Terri White, was a client of Donna Smiedt’s AND Terri White also rendered decisions on cases where Donna was a lawyer for one of the litigants.

We blogged about it here:

We were made aware of this matter via the comments we had received on prior blogs.  In fact, we received pages upon pages of details regarding the custody cases in which a lawyer from the Donna Smiedt law firm was one of the lawyers while Terri White was a client of the Donna Smiedt law firm.

Do you even need to know the details of those cases to believe there was a major conflict of interest issue?

So please, comment, Comment, COMMENT!

But realize that the details of most comments won’t become public.

They will, however, serve as inspiration for future blogs to bring awareness of what really goes on in the Tarrant County Family Courts.