Terri White was selected by Judith Wells to be the Associate Judge for the 325th.  Considering Terri is (or was) a Family Court judge lets take a look at how she treated her own mother.

Specifically, Cause No. 2017-GD00236-2

We believe the elements asserted in the 9/21/2017 filing amount to the following: Terri White used $30,000 of her incapacitated mother‘s money to pay Donna Smiedt to attempt to take complete control of her incapacitated mother’s estate.

We’re not lawyers so we might not be entirely correct… but we think we’re pretty darn close.  We do know the action precipitated Terri White’s removal from the bench.  So it has to be pretty serious.

You can read it for yourself here  Terri White cause no 2017-GD00236-2

And you can see the entire disposition of the case here.  CaseDetail for Terri White 2017-GD00236-2

Terri White and Donna Smiedt did this to Terri White’s incapacitated mother.

Sadly, some of you might be reading this and thinking, “Wow, I’m gonna call Donna Smiedt to be my divorce lawyer.  If she’d do this to her friend’s incapacitated mother, just think what she’ll do to my soon-to-be ex!”

We hope, however, that most of you are thankful Terri White is no longer on the bench and that you wouldn’t trust Donna to litigate for custody of your dog.

You may hate the other parent of your children, but do you really want people like this making decisions for your children?

Terri White isn’t the only associate judge with a sordid legal history that Judge Wells has selected.

Lori DeAngelis has an interesting legal case of her own.  We put that info on Lori’s Wall of Shame here.