Step Dad (Allegedly) Overdosed

This just in… my kids stepdad was found unresponsive and turning blue by his kids and ex-wife.  He denies that it was caused by an overdose of opioid pain killers — even though the paramedics claim that is the only explanation based on the drugs they used to revive him.

If you remember, back in January my kids mom put a plastic bag over her head during a depressive episode.

And I recently learned that in October, they (the stepdad and my kids mom) were cited for domestic violence against each other.

For now, my kids are with me.  Safe.

As for the next step… who knows.  The anti-family courts are useless, and I refuse to pay a lawyer whose entire career is based on the lie that they can act in the best interest of someone who isn’t their client.

I reached out to the ex-wife of the stepdad, but it’s crickets so far.

I also sent an email to my ex asking how we can get her and her husband the help they need.


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