Did You Know “This” About Voting?: Part1

If you vote in the March 1, 2022 Republican Party primary for Tarrant County you can vote UP TO 55 TIMES!!!

The Democratic Party primary numbers aren’t as liberal. The Democratic Party primary only allows you to vote 30 times.

And you’re about to throw them all away because… why?

  • You’re too busy?
    • Early voting takes 10 minutes.
  • You don’t know where your assigned location is?
  • You don’t know enough about every single candidate?
    • Join the club. I’ll try to help with the ones I can in subsequent posts.
  • One vote doesn’t matter?
    • Your. Vote. Matters.
    • I’ll expand in a subsequent post.
  • The candidates are horrible.
    • All 55 of them? Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
    • There are some good ones who need your vote because their opponent has a group of cronies who are guaranteed to vote.

You might have another reason, but the ones I’ve listed above are the reasons I didn’t vote in years past.

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