“A Great Lawyer Knows the Judge” Part 1

The opening sentence in Charla Moore’s Continuing Education course titled, “Practice Before an Associate Judge Temporary Orders” is…

“As the old saying goes, A good lawyer knows the law and a great lawyer knows the Judge.”

Let me give you an example of how that played out in the 325th Associate Court under the former Associate Judge, Terri White.

In Cause No. 325-623227-17 Donna Smeidt was the dad’s lawyer.  The “-17” on the end means it was filed in 2017. 

It just so happens that Donna was also Terri White’s lawyer in Cause No. 2017-GD00236-2.  The “2017” at the beginning means it was filed in 2017 as well.

The cronyism in Tarrant County Family Courts is so blatant that sometimes I wonder if I’ve been able to convey the situation to the reader. 

Let me try again…

Donna Smeidt was practicing law for one client in front of judge who was also her client.

And the judge ruled in Donna’s favor.

Donna Smeidt and Charla Moore endorse Lori DeAngelis.

Charla Moore used to be an Associate Judge.  I think she was fired.

Terri White used to be an Associate Judge. She was effectively fired.

I think it’s time we fire Lori DeAngelis.

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  1. During my 324th case Cheryl Smith represented Judge Beth Poulos, my ex husband, my ex mil and my ex sil. It is shocking that kind of thing is so common around here.

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