Warning: Might Offend Some People

This picture relates to a Family Violence incident that occurred on October 31, 2020 between my ex-wife and her current husband.  In other words, he is the stepdad of my daughters.  Both he and my ex-wife were EACH given a ticket for Family Violence against the other.

In January my ex-wife was so distraught that she placed a plastic bag over her head.  Our middle daughter had to take it off her. 

And on July 23, 2021 the guy in the picture was found lying on the floor by his 15yo daughter and ex-wife.  He was unresponsive and turning blue.  The paramedics revived him with Narcan.

His ex-wife filed an emergency ex-parte Temporary Restraining Order. 

I tried a different approach. 

I contacted my ex-wife directly via email.  For the sake of this blog I have pulled out parts of the emails relating to having kids in this environment and I’ve put them as if they were a text exchange…

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