Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

It’s Veterans Day.  I am not going to make you feel better about yourself today just because you posted a picture of a flag with a Thank You note.

Yesterday, 22 veterans committed suicide. Today, 22 more will follow suit. Tomorrow, another 22 will do the same.

I believe that the vast majority of these veterans were embroiled in a custody dispute over children. I also believe that every single one of those cases involved an opposing lawyer who is using the veterans service against them.

We do not need more posts that make us feel good about ourselves.

We need posts that wake us up to the war on families. We need posts that point out this war inflicts its highest toll on the men and women who risked their lives to protect our freedom.

You have been conned into thinking an adversarial legal system can represent the best interest of someone who is not a client of either lawyer. You have been conned into thinking the lawyer who posts a picture of a flag somehow respects what the men and women of the US Armed Forces sacrificed for our country.

They can’t. They don’t.

I am not going to make you feel better about yourself today.

Today, I am going to challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and think critically about what you believe Family Court actually does.

And then I want you to act.

I’ll get straight to the point: We need to enact legislation that mandates the following…

  • court reporters in ALL divorce courtrooms (did you even know that associate courts in Texas don’t have court reporters except for on enforcement hearings? There is no record of custody hearings in associate courts unless a litigant pays for it. Did you also know that Judith Wells went to Austin and testified before congress to keep it that way?),
  • a 1-year waiting period in which neither side can get a lawyer
  • after the initial 1-year waiting period, mandate that both sides must use the same lawyer for at least 1 more year,
  • that an attorney be suspended from practicing family law if a client murders their child within 1-year of being represented.
  • elimination of Title IV-D funding.

I believe that when you realize a lawyer cannot act in the best interest of someone who is not a client you will realize the con that is “Family” Court.

This is the point when lawyers tell you, “Oh, he’s just a sore loser. Everyone who doesn’t get custody blames the system.”

To which I say…

…I have custody.

…I am a dad.

…I’m in Judith Wells’ court.

And I am calling for the end of the Family Court system as we know it.

I sincerely hope you have a pit in your stomach right now.

I am not going to make you feel better about yourself today.

Disclaimer:  Image source:  The views expressed above are the views of and not necessarily the views of or the individual in the picture.  I simply searched the Internet for a picture of an upside down flag posted by a veteran who was negatively impacted by the anti-Family court system — and this image popped up.  To get the views of as well as the views of the veteran pictured, I encourage you to visit the link and watch the video.)

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  1. Thank you & bless you, …. What is our next step to getting the legislations accepted & getting Wells out of our Courts.

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