Lori Tramples the 1st Amendment

I do not believe Lori DeAngelis Griffith has the character and qualities it takes to be a judge.

To illustrate what I mean, I’ve detailed some specifics below.

It is my understanding that the following events took place over the past couple of years…

Lori DeAngelis Griffith filed a lawsuit against a Tarrant County advocacy group. She lost and was ordered (by the judge) to pay the group’s legal fees. A year or so later, she sued them again on basically the same grounds as the first time. She lost. Again. And was ordered (by a judge) to pay the group’s legal fees. Again.

As of the writing of this page (02/16/2018) Lori has not paid at least one of the amounts she was ordered to pay. Ordered by a judge. In a court. As part of a legal dispute. Which she lost.

The paragraphs above are predicated on this understanding of what happened. If this isn’t an accurate understanding of what happened or if anyone has updated information, please email it to me.

So here is my take on it…

It seems to me to paint a picture of someone who thinks she is above the law… or that the rules don’t apply to her. I find it ironic that in one of her videos she comments about how the media is full of stories about politicians who bend the law to support their agenda and she believes the rule of law is important to the future of Texas.

Empty rhetoric (IMO).

My position is that someone who isn’t paying an amount that they’re court-ordered to pay doesn’t really care about the rules. It also seems a little two-faced considering she wants to be in a position to throw people in jail for not paying court-ordered amounts.

Let that one sink in.

I’ll say it again… She isn’t paying a court-ordered amount but wants to be able to throw people in jail for not paying court-ordered amounts.  Two-faced.

In some cases, she’ll be in a position to order a non-custodial parent who has just lost his job to continue paying child support as if he still has full income.  Yet she probably makes more than 95% of the people in America and she can’t (or won’t or hasn’t) paid a few thousand dollars.

These aren’t characteristics I want in a judge.

IMO, her “experience” in the divorce industry simply means she has made enough friends with certain lawyers to play favorites while on the bench.

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