“It’s an Emergency!” they cried

“It’s an Emergency!” they cried.  “The rule isn’t being followed! It’s causing inefficiencies! We must remedy it.”

But the assertions of some Tarrant County divorce judges and lawyers left me confused.

For the back story please reference the news articles listed at the bottom of this blog.

I’m going to cut straight to the end:

The local rule providing for the random assignment of cases is Rule 1.03 (a).

It was adopted on October 2nd and went into effect the following January 1st.

On February 20th, Tarrant County judges held a closed-door, emergency meeting because it was discovered that CPS cases were not being assigned randomly according to the local rule.

That timeline seems plausible on the surface.

So why am I confused?

Because the rule was adopted on October 2, 1990.

And the meeting was held 30 YEARS LATER on February 20th, 2020.

Did the Family Court judges and lawyers just make things up to suit their predetermined agenda?

I think concocting a 30-year old “emergency” provides a definitive, “Yes” to that question.

On this topic, divorce lawyers have a habit of relying on the public’s mass indifference and lack of scrutiny of the actual, underlying facts.  It’s the exact same as when a divorce lawyer tells someone, “If Judith Wells was doing such a bad job on the bench why does she keep getting re-elected?”

Seems plausible, right?  It seemed plausible to me when my attorney said it.

And then I looked into her actual re-election record.

Yes… I will be covering that topic in another blog post.

I am an auditor by education (and some would say, by birth).  What you tell me better hold up to scrutiny.

Local Rules


90-0021 – Tarrant County Local Rules Adopted October 2, 1990

News Coverage of The Events Leading up to the Emergency Meeting



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