Are You a Parent or a Party?

It’s election time.  Republicans are voting for Republican candidates, and Democrats are voting for Democratic candidates.

I’d like to speak to those of you who will consider voting along the greatest party lines of all time:

The Parental Party.

Are any of you still reading?  Did I lose everyone in the 2nd sentence?  Is there anyone who will consider that there might be a platform you haven’t considered?

Humor me, please.

Two years ago, I electioneered for 3 Divorce Court judicial candidates in the Republican primary.  A voter came up to me and we talked about the candidates.  Near the end he asked, “What if all of these candidates end up being no better than their predecessor?”

To which I replied, “I am here as a parent – not a party.  To a very large extent you are correct: the Family Court system is flawed beyond repair and the person sitting on the bench, regardless of party affiliation, is a product of that flawed system – which means in 4 years I’ll be electioneering for their opponent.”

I am a court watcher. 

I go downtown, sit in divorce courts, and listen to proceedings. 

Someone once asked me, “Is that as mind-numbingly boring as it sounds?”  To which I replied, “Not when you witness a judge render two completely opposite rulings in two different cases based on the exact same assertions within 20 minutes of each other.” 

It happened on May 29, 2019 in the 360th Associate Judge’s court – which is currently under Patricia Baca-Bennett’s watch.  See the link to the write-up here

His eyes widened.  I continued…

“Or when you watch an elected judge openly state, ‘I just can’t wrap my mind around this’ numerous times as she struggled to grasp the arguments being presented.  One aspect that was confusing the judge was the involvement of 4 different therapists and counselors.  The judge was convinced that she needed to consolidate the therapy but the only solution she kept offering was to add another therapist.”

It happened in the 360th court on October 4, 2018.  Patricia Baca-Bennett presiding.

1 thought on “Are You a Parent or a Party?”

  1. I completely agree. The only message these judges understand is public scrutiny. This is why many of them do not like the open hearings on Zoom/YouTube do to Covid.

    I spoke to the Court of Administration and the Commission on Judicial Conduct both give placating answers to the question of judges being held accountable.

    The Court of Administration will say they have no authority and to contact The Commission. The Commission says the information they receive is “confidential” and they are not allowed to discuss judicial complaints.

    Governor Abbott says The Commission “can be more transparent if it wants to be”.

    The elected judges are lazy and what power over other people. Losing this power, and having to work is the only thing that affects these judges. Unfortunately, most judges run unopposed because the lawyers who practice in front of the judges are fearful of the retaliation if they lose.

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