According to Judith Wells: Part 1

It looks like I have another blog series a-brewing.

“According to Judith Wells” will be a blog series where I take specific events and let you see how Tarrant County’s very own Judith Wells interpreted the evidence.

If possible, I’ll always start with the bits and pieces that everyone involved agrees upon.  In this case, everyone – Judith Wells, the mom of the kid, the dad of the kid, and I believe even Lindsay Newell (the lawyer for the court) – all agree that this injury happened when the kid was with his mom.

According to Judith Wells… they’re guinea pig scratches.

Yep.  Scratches.  From a guinea pig.

Two holes in the middle of a kid’s back are scratches – from a guinea pig.

Of all the questions formed in your mind right now perhaps one of them is, “Well how did the good and honorable Judith Wells determine they were guinea pig scratches?”

Good question.  I’ll tell you: She asked the mom.

You know… the mom whose care the child was in when the injury happened.

…the same mom who the dad accuses of beating the child.

So there you have it. 

If you want to know what something is, just ask the person who was there when it happened.

Because everyone knows that people always tell the truth when they’re in court.

Especially someone who is accused of abusing children.  After all, they have every reason to tell the truth, right?  And if the mom was lying I’m sure the great and omniscient Judith Wells has an extra developed sense of perception to detect lies.

I have an assignment for anyone who wants to earn extra credit: Show this picture to a cop and ask what he or she thinks caused this injury.  Feel free to comment.

The great and omniscient Judith Wells.  A human lie detector.  Speaking of lie detectors…

(The information in this blog was obtained from statements made in the video referenced in the picture.)

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