“A Great Lawyer Knows the Judge” Part 2

In my last blog post I mentioned I had difficulty conveying the blatant cronyism that plays out in the 325th District Court of Tarrant County.

If that one was difficult to explain, this one is impossible. But that never stopped me from trying. So here goes…

Bob Blankenship is representing a non-custodial dad and a non-custodial mom who are married to each other. Each one is involved in a Motion to Modify Custody filed by their respective ex’s.

The issues pertaining to Bob’s clients are serious.

So serious that the non-custodial dad decided to relinquish his parental rights instead of fighting the evidence stacked against him. That case was heard in the 233rd court of Tarrant County.

Now, let’s leave the 233rd and walk across the hall to the 325th where the non-custodial mom’s case is being heard.

Literally. Across. The. Hall.

In the 325th dear ol’ Bob took a different approach.

In that case he filed a counter-petition seeking sole custody of the kids and asking that the custodial dad (we will call him “Token”) be put on supervised visitation.

In the counter-petition Bob claims Token has engaged in Parental Alienation to turn the kids against his client. To clarify, I’m referring to Bob’s non-custodial mom client. Bob already threw his non-custodial dad client under the bus.

The underlying evidence against both of his clients is the same.

==> Exactly <==

==> The <==

==> Same <==

Apparently in the 233rd things like being revived by Narcan, putting a plastic bag over your head in front of your child, and repeated instances of domestic violence are enough for the judge to effectively say to the NCP dad, “If you don’t want to be a parent any more, we won’t stop you from leaving.”

But in the 325th Bob is trying to put the NCP mom’s kids into that environment.


(Except for the few hours a month that Token would have in supervised visits.)

This is the point in the story when you might wonder, “GENDER BIAS?!?!”

And I say, “Not so fast.”

You see, Bob works for the Jim Ross Law Firm.

Jim Ross was Lori DeAngelis’ personal attorney when she tried to quash the First Amendment rights of some court watchers. He is also the mayor of Arlington.

Like Charla Moore said, “As the old saying goes, a good lawyer knows the law and a great lawyer knows the judge.”

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