Make No Mistake

I’m not here to elect Cynthia Terry and Liz Rivera.

I’m here to expose candidates who are close to lawyers such as Charla Moore, Jim Ross, and Frank Pettigrew.

Even when Cyntha and Liz win, there will still be lawyers like Charla Moore, Bob Blankenship (of the Jim Ross Law Firm), and Frank Pettigrew who represent a client who they know is a danger to children (or should have known after reasonable inquiry). 

They will still twist and distort facts. 

They will still get lackey therapists like Gina Galloway and Marta Otero to agree with their line of questioning.

And they will still “win” custody – no matter who is sitting on the bench in judgement.

The Family Court system is designed this way.  Lawyers must do everything they can to win for their client.

If a group of crony lawyers start to form around Cynthia and Liz like it did around Judith Wells (Terri White and Lori DeAngelis) and Jerome Hennigan (Beth Poulos), then I will expose it and electioneer against them in the future.

I am a parent: first, last, and always.

I am not a Republican or Democrat.  I do not blindly pledge my allegiance to a person or a party.

I am committed to bringing attention to the behaviors and filings of lawyers and judges in Tarrant County. 

FW Weekly ran an article on cronyism in Tarrant County (link here

The Dallas Morning News ran an article on Pay-for-Play here

In other words, people who are way smarter than I am are pointing to the same underlying issue.

My son has offered to trade his life to protect your right to vote.

I will not be silenced.

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