A Grain of Salt…

OK married folks, I’m talking to you.

Many of you have seen a friend going through the hell of divorce.  You empathize with that person.  You care about that person.  You want that person’s suffering to stop.  You see the impact it’s having on the kids involved.  Maybe you even wish there was something you could do to help.

But at the end of the day, you thank God that you’re not that person.

And you go on about your business – insulated from the evils of divorce and safe in the knowledge that there is a system in place to safeguard children.

This system, as you know it, is called the Family Court.

It’s a system that is filled with people far more capable than you of understanding the situation and acting in the Best Interest of the Child.

Or so that is what the lawyers tell you.

Before you stop reading this blog based on the notion that “The people who criticize the family court system are just sore losers.  Take what they say with a grain of salt.” I’d like to introduce myself…

…I am a divorced dad.

…who has primary custody.

By all accounts I not only won, but I mopped the floor with some lawyers, judges, and therapists who have extensive reputations for being corrupt.

And I am here to ask you one question…

“Have you ever stopped to question how an adversarial legal system can act in the best interest of someone who is not a client of either lawyer?”

Please plant that seed in your mind as you read this blog series.  Mull it over.  I encourage you to question the very premise of the system you think exists.

And when a lawyer tries to justify what they do, I invite you to take what they say with a grain of salt.

After all, the adversarial court system is how they make money.

A Lot of Money.


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