“9-1-1, What’s Your Emergency?”

OK, let me state right up front that I only have an outsider’s level information on this one.  I’d love for lawyers and Tarrant County employees to fill in the blanks on any of the details.  The surface level information calls into question whether Judith Wells engages in retribution against anyone who challenges her.

The details may prove otherwise, but responding with, “you don’t have all the information” won’t cut it.  Because I’m literally telling you I don’t have all the information and I’m asking people who do have the information to provide it.

This issue involves HOW the courts practice in Tarrant County.  If there are facts relevant to how things played out, then the public has a right to know.

For details on the background please read this blog where I detailed how an emergency hearing was called on Feb 20th to enforce a local rule that went into effect on January 1st but wasn’t being followed. 

More specifically…

  • An emergency meeting was held on February 20, 2020 for a rule that had gone into effect nearly thirty (30) YEARS earlier on January 1, 1991.

A few more details…

…Judith Wells was the judge who called for the emergency meeting (Lawyers: I’m accusing Judith Wells of engaging in retribution but this is one area where I don’t have the inside information as to what kicked off this 30-year old, stale emergency.  Y’all can end it right here if someone other than Judith Wells actually spearheaded this thing.)

…Alex Kim was the judge who was impacted by this ruling.

…In April, 2019 Cynthia Terry became an Associate Judge under Judge Kim. 

(I’m not really sure about the inner-workings of the hiring process of an Associate Judge in Tarrant County.  Some District judges have said it’s a committee decision.  Some District judges have said it is their individual decision. I think, regardless, it starts with Alex Kim offering the position to Cynthia Terry.)

…Cynthia Terry ran against Judith Wells in the 2018 election and almost beat her.  (Cynthia Terry was 1,400 votes ahead when early voting/absentee voting was announced.  Judith Wells didn’t pass her until about 10:30pm that night.)

So, was it genuinely a 30-year old emergency that needed to be addressed, or did Alex Kim offering to hire Judith Wells’ opponent set things in motion?

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