You Be The Judge, Part 2

The first blog in this series doesn’t take legal knowledge to follow.  However, In this blog you’ll need an understanding of law to determine if there is any wrongdoing.  I’m going to lay out what happened so lawyers can weigh-in…

Judith Wells’ Associate Judge, Terri White, told a lawyer named John Smotherman that because he failed to file the proper motion prior to subpoenaing records via in-person deposition she was going to rule in favor of Charla Moore’s Motion to Quash and fine his client $7,000.

When John tried to present his evidence explaining why he had to obtain records via in-person deposition as well as the efforts he made to resolve the issue directly with Charla Moore without the necessity of court intervention, Charla Moore just kept interrupting him until Terri White finally cut him off and ended the hearing.

Slam Dunk.

At which time John took his client into a side room and told him that he had never seen what just happened in all his years of practicing law.  He said there wasn’t a motion he needed to file.  None.  He then tried to quit, on-the-spot.  His client asked him to stay to take the deposition of the opposing party, which he did.

To the general public… feel free to ask a lawyer friend if there is any law applicable to Family Courts in Texas that requires them to file a motion before obtaining records via in-person deposition.

It is my understanding that there isn’t.

Until I hear from a lawyer saying otherwise I will proclaim publicly and loudly that the only explanation for what happened is that Charla Moore gets favorable treatment in front of judges she helps elect.

Charla Moore wants you to vote for Lori DeAngelis.

I want you to question why.

Side Note: The above information does not constitute a general waiver of attorney-client privilege.  However, it probably does waive confidentiality as it relates to that specific conversation between John and his client.  Considering the fact that there is no record of what is said in the Associate Courts of Tarrant County Family Courts all Charla Moore, Terri White, Judith Wells, Jim Ross, Bill Harris, Randy Catterton, et al have to do is intimidate Mr. Smotherman into coming up with a different excuse for quitting and they’ll get to sweep this under the rug.  In John’s defense, he crafted a deposition that backed Charla Moore into a corner and she surrendered the next day.