Providence or Coincidence?

How do you know me?

In other words, what random sequence of events brought our paths together?

It had to be random because your Holy Spirit only brings good things into your life, right?

  • A new car or house that pops up unexpectedly… the Holy Spirit at work!
  • A promotion or dream job… the Holy Spirit at work!
  • Reconnect with an old friend… by God, it’s the Holy Spirit!

It must be nice to have a God that only dispenses warm fuzzies.

Heaven forbid there should be times when your God gives you a front row seat to something that is uncomfortable.  Your Holy Spirit never needs YOU to stand in the face of evil.

Nah… that’s for someone else.

Besides, you do your part by sharing about the problems families in Afghanistan are facing.  That’s a good example of you standing in the face of evil… from the uncomfortably close proximity of 7,700 miles away.

And remember how vocal you were defending those immigrant children and families?  By golly, another example of how you spoke out against evil… for children and families you don’t even know.

Don’t even get me started about masks. 

Oops, too late!

But those issues are different.  Clearly there was only one side to those stories and you knew it well enough to share it – and be vocal about it – and take a stand.  Obviously, the situation with my kids is different.  Obviously you don’t know me (or them) THAT well. Obviously, if your God wanted someone to help me He’d use His Holy Spirit to send someone to witness the impact on my children and the actions of the people subjecting them to verbal and emotional abuse.  He’d make sure someone knew the kids were being put in an environment that endangered their physical well-being. 

He’d make sure that person would somehow know me well enough to get involved.

Someone other than you, that is.

Clearly he didn’t send you.

Please do not tell me you believe in Providence and then pass off as coincidence that you have a front row seat to the prolonged and systemic abuse of my children via the Family Court system.

I get it. You think I can do this on my own. My kids: My problem. You think attempted murder/suicide is somehow a “custody battle.”

Here’s how you can help from now on… when “Do Something” by Matthew West comes on the radio you turn it up really loud and sing along – because someone needs to hear it.

Someone other than you, that is.

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