Meet Greg

I’ve had writer’s block for months.  How can I explain the unexplainable?  Welcome to Family Court – where the unexplainable happens every day.

I’ll start with a recap…

…Martin and Carolyn were married in 2020.

…Martin had two kids with his previous wife.

…Carolyn has three kids with her previous husband, Greg.

…Greg is a piece of work.  In the eyes of Family Law attorneys, he’s worse than a violent felon with a history of heroin abuse and confirmed child abuse.  I’ll get to him later. 

For now, here is an update to the 12-year timeline impacting Greg, Carolyn, and their 3 kids.  I’ll start with Martin…

  • In December 2021 or January 2022 the 233rd court in Tarrant County terminated Martin’s parental rights.
  • Also in December 2021, Martin’s wife, Carolyn, filed to get SOLE custody of HER kids.  Carolyn’s case is being heard in the 325th court, which is across the hall from the 233rd.
  • At the time, Martin and Carolyn had the SAME lawyer: Bob Blankenship.  Bob worked for the personal lawyer for one of the judges of the 325th.

I want to check in at this point because cognitive dissonance might be preventing some readers from grasping what is actually going on…

  • Martin had his parental rights terminated based on the events and atmosphere in the household he shared with his 2nd wife, Carolyn. 
    • In that same time, Carolyn, filed to get SOLE custody of her kids… thus asking the 325th court to place her kids INTO the environment that the 233rd court had just said was unfit for kids.
    • Martin and Carolyn had the SAME attorney.  This attorney was employed by the Jim Ross Law Firm. Jim is (or at least was) the personal attorney of one of the judges in the 325th.
  • Then, on January 14, 2022, Carolyn filed to voluntarily relinquish her parental rights.  (Yes, she filed for SOLE custody and a month later filed to voluntarily relinquish her rights.)

Here is where Greg, the real scumbag of the story, comes into play and takes us on a tangent.

On February 12, 2022, Greg noticed that George Griffiths was tagging Charla Moore in his electioneering posts for his wife, 325th Associate Judge Lori DeAngelis, who was a candidate for the 325th District Court.

What makes Greg a scumbag is that he is an outspoken critic of the adversarial Family Court system.  Although he has primary custody, and he destroyed Charla when she represented Carolyn a few years ago, it wasn’t before seeing what he believes was blatant cronyism between Charla and the judges of the 325th

Greg decided to weigh-in on Lori’s fitness to be elected judge and Charla Moore’s involvement with her campaign in some previous blogs on this site and on Larry Oneal’s Facebook page.

At which point, Greg’s lawyer effectively STOPPED doing anything for him.  It’s been nine months since all of the proper documentation was filed with the court.  The only thing left to do is “prove up” the final termination.


Guess which candidate Greg’s lawyer endorsed?  Guess which candidate the named partners in the law firm she works for endorsed?

Did you guess Lori DeAngelis – the judge Greg spoke out against?

Welcome to the real Family Court. 

Where judges and lawyers look after each other.

Yet, as noted in this blog , Tarrant County attorney Frank Pettigrew represented a known violent felon with a known history of heroin abuse and a known history of child abuse to get custody of a 3-year old.  Disgraced former Tarrant County Family Court judge Bill Harris signed the order.

One year later, Frank’s client murdered the child.

Welcome to the real Family Court. 

Where violent felons get custody, but critics of the system are shunned.  You know, the system that gives custody to violent felons.  The system that terminates the parental rights of a father yet allows his wife to simultaneously file to get sole custody of her children.  Where one court deems a parent to be unfit to care for his own children, and another court is asked to place other children into that very household.

From the disparate filings to the lack of diligent representation, lawyers and judges no longer even try to hide the hypocrisy. 

Please help Greg send a message.  Virtually every lawyer who supported Lori DeAngelis also supports Beth Poulos in the November 2022 election.  Please help Greg fire Beth by voting for her opponent, Crystal Gayden. 

Please help Greg also fire supreme court justice Debra Lehrmann by voting for her opponent, Erin Nowell.  Lehrmann is a former Tarrant County Family Court judge with a well-deserved reputation for destroying families and participating in cronyism.

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