Countdown 6: Tag, I’m It

If you are an adult who:

  1. Lies to parents about what you can do for their children,
  2. Uses children as pawns for personal or professional gain,
  3. Manipulates and exploits a parent’s love for their children for personal or professional gain,
  4. Blatantly breaks the law (or rules of your profession), lies, and cheats with a devil-may-care attitude…

Then my response is simple:

“Tag, I’m It.”

Sadly, you do what you do because you know there is a fundamental truth that allows you to get away with it: Parents Don’t Care and Kids Don’t Vote.

The information I will present over the next few days provides indisputable, factual evidence of how Benbrook Middle High School and FWISD have violated UIL rules, SBEC rules, FWISD Board Policy rules, and even violated the laws of the State of Texas.

These violations span two years and encompass everyone from students all the way to the superintendent.

And just like in my campaign against Tarrant County lawyers and judges, I will be naming names.

I’ve decided to expand the focus of my activism to include Fort Worth ISD. 

Over the next few days I’ll be posting the following countdown:

6. Tag, I’m It.

5. Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain!

4. I See Nothing!

3. That Depends on What Your Definition of “Is” Is.

2. It’s Our Culture.  You Wouldn’t Understand.

1. FOR THE record, and…

0. The Beat Drops

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