Damned If I Do…

…Damned if I don’t.

I had to pick the kids up from their mom’s house — at the request of their mom. The girls are in tears. Their mom is having a meltdown that included putting a plastic bag over her head.

One of the kids grabbed the bag away from her at which point she retorted, “I was just trying to make myself breathe better.”

In case anyone missed it, a child just witnessed a mother put a plastic bag over her head.

Now the mom wants the kids back. She’s even threatening to get the police involved.

There seems to be 2 basic options…

  1. Keep the kids with me.
  2. Take the kids back to the mom.

What would you do?

Let me provide a little more background…

I have primary custody because the mom attempted murder/suicide of her 2nd husband. Three years later she was involuntarily committed to a psych ward (again) for being homicidal and hallucinating. She has also flatlined at least once in a suicide attempt. And that’s just the beginning. The entirety of the issues would fill the page.

So, back to the question… What would you do?

Specifically, I’m now talking to everyone who has never been to divorce court and thinks we have a system that acts in the best interest of children.

Here’s what happens if you’re in the 325th of Tarrant County and pick option #1…

You lose custody.


The court then places the kids with the mom — and you get put on court supervised visitation. Judith Wells and Lori DeAngelis (and Lori’s predecessor, Terri White) have a well-known track record of putting children with the unstable parent.

Because they know the healthy parent will spend every last penny to protect the children.

The divorce courts serve divorce lawyers and divorce therapists.

Plain. And. Simple.

An adversarial legal system cannot act in the best interest of someone who isn’t a client of either lawyer.

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