A Warning of Retribution

Some lawyers, when they’re off-the-record, will speak candidly about the blatant injustices of the Family Courts.  One attorney had this to say to a client who filed a complaint against a court-appointee and posted negative reviews about her…

“The whole system effed with you (sic) children until [redacted] finally blew herself up. You need to be aware that going after one of the players in the system may have repercussions in how your requests/pleading/arguments might be received by the system in the future.”

To give you some context, the lawyer’s reference to, “blew herself up” is when this guys ex-wife attempted murder/suicide, committed felony assault of a cop, and was involuntarily committed to the psych ward.

And the lawyer is telling this guy that if his case is ever in front of Judith Wells, Terry White (Taylor), or Lori DeAngelis (the judges involved in his case) they might weigh the fact that he complained against one of their court appointees with equal or greater weight than what his ex-wife did.

Keep in mind, it was the State of Texas that turned the dad’s complaint into a lawsuit against the court-appointee.

Keep in mind, divorce lawyers and judges tell you the system is designed to act in the best interest of children.

To which I now say I am no longer going after “…one of the players in the system…”

I am going after the system itself.

Or, to quote Revolutionary War hero and father of the US Navy, John Paul Jones…

“I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm’s way.” — John Paul Jones

Disclaimer: It is the dad’s assertion that the communication referenced above does NOT constitute an implied waiver of Attorney/Client privilege.  Quite simply, telling a client that the system is corrupt is not legal advice.  It is no different than discussing a blatantly poor call by a referee in a sporting event.

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