Folks, I implore you to look at real actions by people who support Lori DeAngelis and how those actions involve the current and previous judges of the 325th District Court in Tarrant County.

In this post, I’m saying that Charla Moore circumvented the terms of a Mediated Settlement Agreement to put disputed items directly in front of the current district judge of the 325th (Judith Wells) who, by the way, she helped get elected.

In this post, I’m saying that the former associate judge of the 325th, Terri White, not only legislated from the bench, but that she completely fabricated a law that required an attorney, John Smotherman, to file a motion before subpoenaing records to be produced in-person.  Charla Moore was opposing council.

In this post, I’m saying that a client of George Griffiths asked family members to write affidavits to be used in a motion to terminate the parental rights of the father of her child and told those family members that George assured her, “[the dad] will not be able to see the affidavits.”  George is Lori DeAngelis’ husband.

In this post, I’m saying that I was told Donna Smeidt did not disclose her relationship with Associate Judge Terri White to the opposing party when Donna was representing a client in the 325th.  Donna took over many (if not all) of Terri White’s clients when Terri was hired to be the associate judge of the 325th.  Donna was also representing Terri in a matter alleging Terri breached her fiduciary responsibility to her incapacitated mother.

Maybe there are different legal grounds that explain away each of the above actions.  If so, I haven’t heard them.

What I have heard is that there aren’t any legal explanations for the above actions.

Which is why I am saying that there is only one explanation: cronyism.

These people want you to vote for Lori DeAngelis. I want you to question why.

A lawyer once warned me, “You need to be aware that going after one of the players in the system may have repercussions in how your requests/pleadings/arguments might be received by the system in the future.”

To which I reply with a quote from John Paul Jones, “I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast for I intend to go in harm’s way.”

in a letter dated November 16, 1778 to French aristocrat Jacques-Donatien Le Ray de Chaumont

It is time to not only end the reign of Judith Wells, Charla Moore, Donna Smeidt, et al, but it is time to send a message to the next generation of lawyers and judges that if these same types of events happen in the future WE WILL EXPOSE THEM.

While I am asking the public to vote for Cynthia Terry in the current Republican Primary, I am also saying that the above statement applies to her and any lawyers supporting her who try to leverage their influence or political relationships to get favorable rulings. I genuinely believe this won’t happen, but if it does I will publish it.

I can assure you that my loyalty is solely to the children of Tarrant County.

Let me also be clear about something: I’m doing this on my own, with my own money, and my own time.  I do NOT want to be here.  If you think I want to be taking on the mayor of Arlington, a district judge, two former associate judges, a current associate judge, and a handful of well-connected lawyers who have a friend on the Supreme Court of Texas then you’re welcome to trade places with me.  These people have 1000x more financial resources than I have.  They have an infinite amount more legal knowledge than I have. 

All I have is the First Amendment.