“George has assured me…”

“George” is none other than George Griffith, who is the husband of Lori DeAngelis Griffith.

I am personally involved in this matter. I know all parties: the mom, the dad, and the child.

I know the mom picked George as her lawyer because he’s married to Lori.

It’s my understanding the affidavits were used to effectively terminate the father’s parental rights.

The reason my niece’s mother contacted me to write an affidavit is because I had already testified on my niece’s behalf to get my brother placed under a Protective Order. He was out-of-control — and had been for years. We had all given up hope.

The point isn’t whether or not I wrote the letter.

The point is: did George Griffith tell a client he could submit evidence that the other party would never see?

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