One Size Fits All

The current law in Texas fosters and promotes the mindset expressed in the attached audio. The current law does not provide an option for equality when parents divorce. Instead, it pits parents against each other in a Winner Take All battle.

I completely understand how uncomfortable it is to listen to and read about a messy divorce. Even so, I’m inviting you to take a quick 3-minute journey with me. Who I am and who my ex is are irrelevant. I am not providing these details to enroll you in my story or gain pity.

I am simply trying to show that the current law in Texas is the absolute definition of “ONE SIZE FITS ALL.”


In 2012 my ex-husband attempted murder/suicide of his second wife.  He committed felony assault of a police officer, and was involuntarily committed to JPS Psych Ward.  The Tarrant County DA ruled that he was not mentally culpable for his actions.

Three years later she was involuntarily committed again for being homicidal and hallucinating. 

She taught the kids to hate me to such an extent that one child threatened to slit my throat with a knife.  I slept with my door locked for 3 months. 

She self-inflicted injury in the back room of her house while a police officer was in the living room. I was 1/4 mile away when it happened yet she was trying to convince the officer I had done it.

She has also committed over $30,000 in income tax fraud and an untold amount in food stamp fraud.  She has been arrested multiple times for theft.  She’s battled alcoholism and prescription drug addiction.

In October 2020 she was cited by the police for domestic violence against her third husband.

In January 2021 she intentionally placed a plastic bag over her head while distraught.  Our daughter had to take it off of her to keep her from committing suicide.  In the past 10 years, she’s flatlined at least once.

Her Possession Schedule to Have the Kids = Expanded Standard.

And now for the exercise…

…In your term on the Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee you have heard from Non‑Custodial Parents supporting Equal Shared Parenting. 

What did they do to warrant less than 50/50?

…For the past 10 years my ex bought into the “winner take all” concept that the current Family Code encourages.  By some estimates she spent over $300,000 in legal fees.

Where would she be today if that money had been spent on mental health providers instead of lawyers?

Divorce lawyers, the Texas Family Law Foundation, and the Family Law Section of the State Bar want you to dismiss those Non-Custodial Parents as sore losers who don’t want to pay child support.

Which is why I speak up.

I have primary custody.  I receive child support.

And I run a blog at as well as a Facebook site at to stand up to massive injustice that is our current divorce system.  I started a series debunking the distortions and misrepresentations of the TFLF here

“Whatever must happen ultimately should happen immediately.” – Henry Kissinger

Equality is no longer a debate.

It is an inevitability.

The Prequel

When I first met my now ex-wife she told me,

“There is something you need to know about me.  I don’t have a mother.  There is a woman in Fort Worth who birthed me, but she is not my mom.  I don’t love her and she never loved me.”

My ex was a product of the “Winner Take All” divorce system that we still have today.  Her father won custody by using false allegations against the mother as well as teaching the children to hate her.  When I met my ex she referred to her mom by her first name.  My ex’s older sister scratched the mom’s face out of every family picture she could find. 

My ex was simply attempting to raise the children the same way she was raised.

“The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers.” – Juliette Gordon Low

What future childhood will you impact with your decision today?