I’m Going to Vote 15 Times on November 7, 2023

…and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!

I would like to thank the League of Women Voters of Tarrant County for providing a thorough For/Against analysis at…


Please click on the “Voters Guide” at the above link to get all the information on the ballot items as well as the For/Against arguments for each one.  I’m not going to rehash those items here.  I’m just going to give you my conclusions…

  1. For.  The arguments against seem to be mainly concerned with safe farming practices, which would already be regulated by other agencies such as the EPA.
  2. For.  The arguments Against are nebulous and weak.  Public school enrollment is plummeting.  Affordable child care is critical for working parents.  I believe this is one industry that will pass along any tax savings to their consumers.  Child care plays a vital role in the economy.
  3. For.  I know someone personally who committed nearly $100,000 in welfare fraud over nearly 10 years.  This person transferred $200,000 in assets to a wealthy family member and then lived off the government.  The State of Texas knew about the fraud in year one.  And year two.  And year three.  And year four… because people reported it.  The state did nothing.  Don’t talk to me about wealth inequality when the State of Texas is doing NOTHING to address blatant and obvious fraud.
  4. For.  I’m tired of funding the Conflict of Interest that is rampant in FWISD.  I’ll vote For every property tax cut and against any FWISD bonds until we (the voters) have cleaned house.
  5. For.  I have a daughter who is triple majoring in Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Biology.  She is triple minoring in Pre-Health, Molecular Biology, and Chemistry.  She attends college in a different state because those types of opportunities weren’t available in Texas.  More Research is like More Cowbell.
  6. Undecided… I’m inclined to vote Against.  If the original infrastructure was funded in the regular budget then we should already be paying for upgrades and repairs.  Government has a way of asking for money as part of the regular budget and then, years later, asking for more as if the original budget didn’t already include those amounts.  I’m not saying I’m correct… I’m just saying I want an audit and justification of the current budget before I’ll ever vote for Add-On funds.  So now I’m Decided: Against.
  7. For.  The arguments against seem to be fear-mongering and filled with misinformation.  “It funds gas-powered plants which are more expensive and harmful to the environment…”  Aren’t we seeing that “clean energy” has such a massive negative impact during the production of the infrastructure that its “cleanliness” has a decades-long breakeven?  “Gas-powered plants failed during the 2021 winter storm.”  Yes, because they weren’t properly winterized… which this fund could address.  Conversely, wind farms didn’t operate AT ALL during the storm because there was NO WIND! (I just had an idea… what if we plugged a giant fan into a properly winterized gas-powered electrical plant to generate the wind to turn the wind-powered electrical plant?! I’m a genius.)
  8. For.  This one is personal.  I live in an area where Internet is so bad I long for the days of dial-up.  Internet is as basic as roads.
  9. For.  Because teachers.
  10. Against.  The medical industry doesn’t need tax cuts.  They are NOT going to pass the savings along to the consumer.  They are using the pandemic one-more-time to line their pockets.  How many times can I vote no on this one?!
  11. For.  In the arguments Against we have, “Land allocated to parks could be more economically productive if left in private hands.”  Uh… no.  Ronald Reagan defunded public health in 1980 – if you don’t understand the tie-in, we can’t be friends.  And this one, “If approved by a majority of voters… the minority of voters would still have to pay taxes.”  Yes, that’s exactly how voting and democracy works.
  12. For.  The current county treasurer wants to eliminate the position.  Who am I to argue?  We need more politicians like this.  “Hey, the county would have more money if y’all got rid of me… so I’m asking you to put me out of a job!”
  13. For.  The Judiciary in Texas is a joke.  Family court judges don’t need the excuse of “cognitive decline” … they suffer from a corruption so deep it rivals the Taliban.  I’d rather keep them on the bench where I can court watch them… rather than have them show up as a hitman in the capacity of “visiting judge.”  Hi Randy.  I’m talking about you.
  14. For.  More parks is just like more research… and more cowbell.  More is better.  To counter the arguments Against, these are the things that should be at the top of the government’s list to protect, fund, and encourage.  Privatizing them will ONLY make them available to the rich.  This concept actually reminds me of something I read on the Internet saying that Ronald Reagan defunded public mental health in 1980.
  15. For.  Tarrant County Emergency Services District 1 – Local Sales and Use Tax.  I had no idea the ESD didn’t have a 2% Use Tax.  Quick Explanation: The 8.25% “sales tax” you’re used to paying is actually comprised of 6.25% state sales tax and 2% local tax.  The TC ESD#1 doesn’t have the 2% add-on.  This proposal is just adding it – so I’m cool with that.

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