Countdown 0: The Beat Drops

“Allegations of UIL rule infractions should be examined locally, preferably with the coach, athletic director, principal, superintendent, or school board of trustees. If a school has proof of a violation, it must register an infringement with the DEC and/or UIL, along with any relevant evidence substantiating the infringement, and then investigate and report back to the DEC and/or UIL.

If the issue cannot be resolved locally, a written complaint may be filed with the UIL Compliance Office. The UIL will receive complaints whether the local ISD has been informed, with precise UIL rule violation cited, and any supporting papers or evidence should be included in this complaint. There is no set format for submitting a complaint.”

Darryl Beasley
Director of Compliance
University Interscholastic League

I met with Miguel Serrano on Friday, November 10, 2023 to officially submit a Level 1 complaint at the links below. It’s nearly 100 pages of evidence and rules violations showing:

  1. Todd Vesely, Richard Penland, Cody Slater, and Esoleta Lofton colluded to understate Benbrook Middle High School enrollment so that BMHS Football would play in a lower division.
  2. Richard Penland and Frances Davies facilitated the transfer of a student for athletic purposes.
  3. For years, Frances Davies has engaged in a serious conflict of interest with a local club volleyball team. Esoleta Lofton knew about this conflict (or should have known about it due to her position as the girls athletic coordinator).

It is crystal clear to me that the extensive conflict of interest and complete lack of moral compass exhibited by most of the Trustees on the FWISD Board of Education is indicative of a Corporate Culture that is pervasive throughout the organization.

Main Body of Complaint

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Exhibit F (2021/2022 BMHS Yearbook)

Exhibit G

Exhibit H–_Frances_Davies___Redacted2.pdf