Judge Wells Ran for Re-Election as a Placeholder

I don’t think Judge Judith Wells has any intention of serving the full term to which she was re-elected in the 2018 primaries.  I think she ran as a placeholder so the cronyism she is known for can be passed to the next generation of corrupt lawyers.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Originally, I felt that she’d just retire after re-election and the governor would appoint her associate judge to fill the vacancy.  Then the former associate judge would select a crony to be her new associate judge.  And presto!  The corruption gets passed to the next generation.  We call it the evil incarnation of the “Pay It Forward” concept.

I’ll talk more about Judge Wells’ selections for Associate Judges in another post.  But for now, let’s go back to her career plans…

I did some additional research into past elections and noticed another trend.  There have been times in the past when a judge who is higher up in the legal chain (e.g., court of appeals) retires after the general election and then there is a sequence of “piggy move-up” appointments to up-fill the legal system with judges who are part of the corruption.

The retirement plans of judges throughout Tarrant County are well known to the power-elite of the controlling political party well before those judges retire.  Primaries are just a way to make sure everyone stays in place for the piggy move-up.

I’m not saying our vaunted and esteemed guvnah is part of the corruption, but you’d be a fool to think that he doesn’t cater to the local power structure when making appointments.

And on that note I am saying the local power structure in the Tarrant County Family Courts is corrupt.

Either way, Judge Judith Wells will retire or be appointed further up the chain-of-command before the end of the term for which she was just re-elected.

Then in 2022, the judge appointed to replace Judith Wells’ vacancy will run for “re” election on the “keep me here because I’m already here” platform.  The ruling elite of judges and lawyers might even be able to intimidate any other lawyers from even running against the appointed judge.

Thus giving the public the “choice” to vote for one candidate.

If this were happening in Russia we’d point to it as a clear example of a Managed Democracy.

When it happened in Iraq in 2002 we all shook our head knowing it was a sham.

But when it happens right here in Tarrant County, Texas we pretend that it’s just an example of how our democracy works.  After all, WE have the ability to vote for anyone we want.  In Russia and Iraq they HAD to vote for the only candidate who ran for office.

Folks, when the reason you only have one candidate to vote for is because no one will stand up to the power-elite, you only have the illusion of being able to vote for anyone you want.

The judiciary in Tarrant County is at best a Managed Democracy and at worst a Despotic Oligarchy.

I’ve often wondered if people outside of the U.S. see our judicial elections in the same light as they see elections in Russia and Iraq.  Have you ever realized that 9 times out of 10 you don’t have a choice when it comes to electing a judge?  But, that’s a topic for another post.

If the piggy move-up scenario plays out it could trigger a sequence of events that would put Tarrant County corruption at the epicenter of deciding every single issue that impacts families and free speech throughout Texas.


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