Does TFLF Speak for You?

I believe the Texas Family Law Foundation is brazen in using the Texas Family Code to enrich lawyers at the expense of children. We only need to look at the home page of their website.

“Bills that didn’t pass and the damage they would have done to your practice.” (emphasis added)

Folks, this is the heading under which you will find the TFLF arguments I’ve outlined in previous blogs.

Right now, the TFLF is lobbying 9 representatives in the Texas House attempting to quash another bill for equal shared parenting.

Does the TFLF speak for you?

Do you agree with their distortions and misrepresentations?

Is this the system you want for your children when they get married?

The 9 Representatives who hold Equal Shared Parenting in their hands are:

Rep. Victoria Neave, Chair – email at

Rep. Valoree Swanson, Vice Chair – email at

Rep. David Cook – email at

Rep. James Frank – email at

Rep. Jeff Leach – email at

Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos – email at

Rep. James Talarico – email at

Rep. Cody Vasut – email at

Rep. Gene Wu – email at

You can also write via snail mail to any representative at:

Rep. {name}

PO Box 2910

Austin, TX 78768