Countdown 2:  It’s Our Culture.  You Wouldn’t Understand.

“I don’t see how, if you’re in a leadership position, you can sleep at night when you’re sending a message that ethics don’t matter,” Richter said. “Meanwhile, you expect your superintendent to act with integrity, right? You expect your teachers and your administrators to act with integrity. So, what are you implicitly giving people permission to do? What message are they sending?”

Breinn Richter quoted in a fairly RECENT article by Kristen Barton of the Fort Worth Report at

Well, the message is loud and clear: lie, cheat, and use children for personal and professional gain. 

Stated Board Policy is a thing of wax. Ignore UIL rules that provide specific guidance. The SPEC Code of Ethics isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. State Law regarding perjury is open for interpretation. Falsify records at the source and by the highest levels within the district so it appears that they’re not falsified — to everyone who isn’t an actual, real auditor and who might just have a Masters in Professional Accounting from UT Austin.

After all parents don’t care and kids don’t vote.

Not to contradict you, Ms. Richter, but I think the Board knows exactly the message it’s sending to the superintendent, teachers, and administrators: “It’s how we do things in Tarrant County.  The rules don’t apply to us.  It’s our culture.”

To paraphrase DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince…

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