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Dear Reader,

Pretend for a moment that you are 16 years old.

In your lifetime, you’ve watched your mom get restrained by police as she fought to beat her husband (your 1st stepdad) with a flagpole. You’ve lived primarily with your dad ever since the night your mom tried to commit murder/suicide and ending up biting a cop in the leg. You ripped a plastic bag off your mom’s head when she tried to kill herself in front of you. You wanted to jump out of your mom’s car to get away from the relentless emotional abuse she and her dad (Bad Grandpa) directed at you. You turned to cutting. Your mom subjected you to a toxic environment with her husbands that included violent fights and constant upheaval.

Two months ago, your 2nd stepdad was found unresponsive and turning blue by your 15yo stepsister and her mom. You learned that the paramedics had to revive him with Narcan. A Tarrant County judge issued a No-Contact order between him and his kids. The judge also ordered him into counseling.

You are 16 years old and have had enough. You tell your mom you don’t feel safe and you’re not going to her house until she also gets help.

This is her response to you…

A few days later she tells your dad she has filed a lawsuit against him seeking criminal charges for keeping you with him (25.03) — and seeking to change custody.

Have you ever heard someone complain that Family Court judges are corrupt because they ignore evidence and simply rule in favor of the more politically connected lawyer?

Did you dismiss what that person said because you think you live in a country where this can’t happen?

Why, then, would a litigant in the 325th Court in Tarrant County think that Judge Judith Wells and Judge Lori DeAngelis are going to ignore the emotional and mental abuse inherent in the text thread between the litigant and her daughter? 

Is it because her former lawyer was Charla Moore, her current lawyer works for the Jim Ross Law Firm, and the previous court-appointed lawyer was Laurie Robinson?  

Charla is a former Associate Judge and ardent campaign supporter for Judith Wells and Lori DeAngelis. 

Jim Ross was Lori DeAngelis’ and Laurie Robinson’s lawyer in legal proceedings against court watchers. He is now the mayor of Arlington.

So, yeah, I would say they are cronies with Judge Judith Wells and Judge Lori DeAngelis.

And I would also say the judges of the 325th have a well-deserved reputation for cronyism.

Judith Wells is retiring at the end of 2022.  Lori DeAngelis is running for election in the Republican Primary to replace her.  Early voting begins in February of 2022, and election day is March 1, 2022

If Lori DeAngelis gets elected, this type of cronyism will continue.




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