We Are You

I know… it sounds cliché.  But we really are you.  Or at least we were you.  Back in a day when we thought the Family Courts acted in the Best Interest of Children.

And then we entered the Family Court.

Some of us entered because we filed for divorce.  Some of us entered because we were served papers.  It doesn’t matter how we got here.  All that matters is that when we arrived we had the following beliefs about Family Court…

We believed judges had standards to help them determine “Best Interest of the Child.”

We believed therapists would provide an assessment that was independent of, and not influenced by, the lawyers and the court.

We believed lawyers wouldn’t help our former spouse destroy our relationship with our child.

And we certainly believed no lawyer would ever represent a parent to get custody of children knowing the parent was a danger to themselves, to others, or to the children.

And then we experienced Family Court firsthand.

We are not sponsored by, nor acting on behalf of, the 325th District Court in Tarrant County.  We are here to promote matters of public concern.  We are here to shed light on the actions of certain lawyers, judges, and therapists in the hope that you and your children never have to experience what we went through.  There will be times when we write something and you might hear the anger in our voice.  We are human and the issues involve children.  We get passionate.  We will do our best to moderate each other and to take feedback from the public to keep us on track.

Thank you for investing the time to get to this point.  We want to leave you with one last detail about who we are… at least who some of us are…

Some of us HAVE custody of the kids.

The lawyers and judges and therapist who are named on this site (and who will be named as soon as we have the time to write them up) want you to think that we’re all a bunch of sore losers and that the “real” story is something else.

Some of us HAVE custody and we STILL want to change the system.

Who Are We?

We are a group of people exposing the Divorce Industry for what it is so that you… and your children… and your grandchildren never go through what we went through.

(Disclaimer: We are not representatives of the 325th District Court in Tarrant County.  We don’t work for them, we don’t speak for them, and in no way, shape, or form should this site be construed as operating as a division or on behalf of them just because the url is the325th.com.  We are also not representatives of the 325th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army.  Same goes for the 325th Fighter Wing of the United States Air Force.)